Friday, December 7, 2007

Daily Update

Last night Cheryl and I went to one of Eric's comedy improv things. It was lovely. It was funny. I left giggling. Some of the characters they portray are super annoying, which I really dislike, but I realize they are just trying to be funny. We had dinner at Wendy's. I think Cheryl was weirded out by how fascinated I was with my Vanilla Frosty Root-beer Float. That and when I tried to put all five chicken nuggets in my mouth at once and pour barbecue sauce down my throat. If I was to do it again, I wouldn't try to get everyone's attention in the restaurant by barking like a walrus. On the way home it was dark and raining, and scary. I thought I saw Dementors flying around in the distance. If they had gotten to close, I would have had to stop my car, and go and kick their asses. But I didn't have to. not this time.

After I got home I started working on my talk while watching the Food Network. It was the cake decorating show. It was inspirational and cool.

My injured ankle is well on its way to recovery. I can now move it in all directions, although a full range is not yet possible. One thing I have noticed is that in my recovery I've shifted much of my left leg's weight assignment, to my right leg. My right leg, having carried more that its share my weight for about two weeks now, has become sore itself. The prolonged pressures have taken its toll. Now I need to be careful on both legs because my right lower leg is more tired now. This is not a huge problem. I just have to be careful to avoid any ninja attacks.

I'm listening to Arckid right now. I don't think they have an album out, but I heard them on a new york radio station, and found them on myspace. They're killer.

Lunch was sponsored by In N Out and I-tallian chocolate. Emilio came back from his month long trip in Italy and brought chocolate treats. In N Out raised their prices slightly due to the increased bank card charges.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Daily Update

On the way home from work I decided to stop by the store to get some juice and other healthy items. In the parking lot, I was verbally attacked by the attendant, I don't know what language he was speaking, but he finally handed me a valet ticket. I was annoyed at his munchkin attitude. So instead of taking the ticket I just started coughing on him, with an ignorant attitude. I casually took it from him after I had already started walking away. While in the store, there must have been a sale on candy and sweets, cause there was at least one whole heard of water-buffalo running the aisles. I had to use every precaution when walking around. Random stampedes were an often occurrence. I had to fight one or two of them off with a huge candy cane stick. I took refuge on the gift card aisle. Even on the way out I ran into a parade of zombie like old folks on the pharmaceuticals aisle. Then back in the parking lot the little leprechaun creature almost attacked me again, speaking some weird tongue, but I threw the paper at him as if it was a firecracker, then ran off.

I spent most of last night 'trying' to write a talk. I went over to Jeff's for inspiration and assistance, but we ended up talking about a myriad of other things. Then he opened some chocolate, which gave me to much energy to think straight. At home my internet searches also proved fruitless. I got distracted by fighting the Battle of my life as well.

I'm listening to Eragon still. The story has become irrational, and I don't fully believe that a 15 year old kid wrote it. the words are complex, and the phrases are to complex for an annoying little brat. ... ok, now I'm done with the second book, only 9 more months until the third one comes out. It was a good read, but they didn't end it in a good spot. Its like in the middle of a big battle it seems.

Lunch was sponsored by Jamba Juice.

oh, and in case you're still wanting more...
(i got the idea from stacy and laurel)

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


It was a busy day at work. I guess maybe I shouldn't have taken so many Breaks. It just seems so weird for a Non-Smoker to take a 5 minute break every 15 minutes. But Why shouldn't I, I have rights too. If smokers go un-harassed in this, then I shouldn't be bothered either.

Last night it was Guy-Night. I got together with Chris and Mike and we watched funny movies. Then it turned out that the Victoria Secret fashion show was on right after our movie. Hmmm, what a coincidence. So we had to sit and comment about how much we all disliked all the gay guys in the audience. I mean really!, what would 'they' be doing there? and there were a lot of them. I brought along a notebook in case any inspiration came to me for the talk that I have to prepare. Needless to say, but none came to me. I think instead of speaking on their topic, I'll make my own instead. That could be funny. I hope you all realize that it could very well
be a 10 minute stand up comedy sketch for me.

When I got home I felt the urge to take up the Battle of my Life, one more time. This time I was fighting off the annoying Elves of Rivendell. I used much trickery and brute force to destroy the 'Good' forces. I used the strong had of Sauron, and many powerful dragons, and fireballs to vanquish my foe. Although in the movies I like the lord of the rings elves, but I took great pleasure in conquering them on the battle field. A formidable foe none the less.

Then after the hour grew super late, I think it was 12:59-and a half when I went to bed. Only after my head hit my pillow I realized that my slight cold wanted sleep sooner than

I'm listening to the kid Eragon be stupid. The story is interesting though. The boring parts have picked up to a decent pace again.

Lunch was sponsored by California Pizza Kitchen. Sara joined me. It was the first time I'd been there for lunch. It was yummy and filling.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Daily Update

Last night was the culmination of the Service Auction Preparation. A mere 30 minutes before I was to be announcing the families that we had, I received the email from the bishop giving us the info, yes the one that I'd been waiting for all day. It wasn't that much info, but it was indeed a relief. I quickly printed them out and then ran up to the church to hand them out. I had fun doing the shopping last year, but this time I has absolutely no interest in stressing out further. I joyfully handed out the assignments to every one else offering what few suggestion I had. Then they were off, so I went to find something to eat. I had to laugh multiple times, as the Secret Santa Season was a breath of fresh air this time. As everyone left, it was like letting out a dozen doves from a bag hidden behind me, as the wind blew them upward as the sunshine beamed down on me. My temporary burdens seemed to be driving away from me. Ah, the peace.

At work I've decided to activly ignore my desk neighbor. Steve has weird habits that are beginning to annoy me. Bursting out in swear words is one of them. Another is arguing with paper and computer keyboards. Today at work he was trying to talk to someone on the phone about his 'Screenplay'. Being fro LA, I sometimes feel like i'm the only one who hasn't written one. I secretly chuckled at him for this. Then Steve turned to me afte one of his outbursts and was mumbling something. As he was looking right at me, I had to muster all my strength to ignore him from only 3 feet away.
Today was one of those, "Oh, are you free? We need this done before you leave" days. Luckily the head boss wanted to leave more than he wanted me to finish. I loved it.

During lunch as I was wondering around I ran into Jasen neilson. We chatted for a minute.

I'm listening to Eragon right now. He's love-sick. Although the story is slow, it has me hooked just barley enough to keep listening.

Lunch was sponsored by In N Out today.

Monday, December 3, 2007

daily update

I don't remember being so exhausted after a party weekend. I left work early to go and set up for our C-mas party. Set-Up lasted until 10:30. My energy was completely spent.

On Saturday I treated myself to my yummy pancakes. During work on friday I scheduled a hair appointment, with the Philippino chick who Susan knows. I didn't have to tell her, or remind her about what kind of devilish good looking 'do' I needed, the second I sat down she went to work. Again she rambled, as I only understood maybe three quarters of what she was saying.

But then the fun continued as I went shopping for our party. I made the mistake however to go to multiple stores instead of just one simple one. next time I'll save time by focusing on one! The time ran out so quickly. I had a football watching appointment at Jessica's place. It was great fun. It was just me and the girls for a while. Then Danny Doom showed up. And USC won. I had to really hold back and not call Evan the second it was over, cause he's the nice one to remind everyone he knows of every time ucla wins. But I held back. I then rushed home to finish the finalization of the party stuff. Things were only complicated as jeff wanted to use his own stereo equipment rather than what was there. Good Grief Charley Brown. But it all worked out. We also had to buy desert stuff at the last second too. It barley all fit in my car. The party ended up being a huge success I think. Lots of people liked it. After a bit I chose to hide on the dance floor because of all the stuff that needed to be done. Then after a while I had to sit down again, whithered from tiredness. And thats when people found me and put the tasks and questions to me. Oh the joy of planning for 'needy' people. It was a vicious cycle. then the cleanup which lasted until 1:30am. I'm pretty sure I asked my committee to stay and help, but I guess they had 'other things' to do, unlike me. I'll kind of be glad when they fire me from this calling, this calling of stress and Use. But whatever.

We brought the extra food to the church for the mix & mingle afterwards. I've never seen so many people in line so quickly after the meetings end! I didn't think the food would last, but apparently it was blessed enough to feed the 200 extra people who showed up. But I cut in line anyway. I felt justified in this since I was the one who procured them for us in the first place. The best desert award went to Courtney Bean. I mean Wow, that thing was good.

In the evening we went to Catherine's for her Advent Sunday. It was a nice little get-together. Jeff wanted to stay till the cows came home and everyone else wanted to leave or go to bed, so I had to angerly remind him multiple times that its our time to leave. He didn't understand my annoyance, But I'll remind him of it next time HE's ready to leave before me.

Then I had to stay up later than I wanted emailing on official church buisness. oh, bah humbug.

so my little bratty sister is on a mission apparently. I just found this out. She has been emailing home really prideful and annoying letters. It makes her look really bad in my opinion. She is the essence of the phrase 'sisters are blisters'. Everything seems to be a competition, and she always has a story better than everyone else, and she is never wrong. Its to bad; if she even slightly humble she might be a great missionary. I think she has something to prove instead. I wonder if she even knows that she is supposed to help people find religion, instead of HER.

Today during lunch I was going to try a NY Pizza place, but they didn't have what I wanted, so Lunch ended up being sponsored by Socko's and Ralph's Orange Juice. Then I went to Best Buy. On the way there I saw that Chanel 4 was there filming. They had a camera there on the sidewalk filming the pedestrians it looked like. I didn't want to leave this opportunity alone, so I stopped in front of the camera and started chewing my food with open mouth. That didn't seem like enough for a 'live camera' so I then started 'pawing' at myself, As well as checking for belly-button lint in a peculiar manner. Then I felt it necessary to start regurgitating the sandwich I was eating hacking it up like a mother bird would do for a new hatchling as I stood there. After a few seconds of spitting up food and making weird noises, I ended my 'show' with a 'snot rocket' from each nostril and then moved on. I was proud of myself as I thought of the 11 o'clock news having the 'Public Street' background as they yacked about whatever celebrity had a DUI that day. On the way back from Best Buy the camera was still there with light in its eye-piece, so in stead of ignoring it, like 'They' would want me to, I snapped back and gave the camera my best Zoolanderesque 'Magnum' pose. but then turned back and started scratching my butt. I mean I was really goin' at it! It was a good minute before I thought it wasn't funny anymore. Then I continued on my way.

I'm listening to Eragon make dumb decisions right now.