Friday, March 14, 2008

Daily Update

There are so many things to say about yesterday. I almost don't even know where to start. But here goes... Work was busy. I almost got frustrated with Rey, who I've been working with pleasently for the last 2-3 weeks. The little Brazillian Fireball in him almost got the most of me, but then I just pawned the blame off on someone else and then kept working. its a pretty funny thing to do; when someone is sitting at your desk, telling you "you need to do this, do this, do this" it gets annoying, so to combat that attitude, I pulled an ultra lazy attitude. so when Rey said to go fetch a stapler, I said, " I think we just sold out of them". or to look something up on the internet, " Sorry, I think the internet is broke today." It was trivial stuff that he wanted me to do, and its not that I wouldn't have done it, I just had to pull that attitude to combat his attitude. It seemed to work too.

I also took the chance to go running yesterday. It was an inner struggle if I should go or not. At first I simply didn't think I had the energy, but then my inner conscience persuaded me to Just do It. It was a rugged track in the Australian Outback that night. I ran with the hyena's. I had a little more energy, but I set myself at a typical pace. What was funny about last night was that I ran into a squad of dopey looking ninja who were training with three instructors. I thought of going up and challenging them there on the spot, but I didn't. I knew I could take on three simple Ninja instructors, but I didn't trust the retarded students. Not that they're good, but they'd hurt themselves and me with their foolish swordplay or knife work. They'll get theirs in due time, those feebelish Chicken-shrimps.

Immediately after running I start getting phone calls from family members about random stuff. I talked with them for much of the night. Then when I was done with that, I tried calling this girl I know. It turns out it was during her favorite TV show so I just got scolded, so I then had to pretend it was the wrong number and just hung up. But I guess her cell phone has caller ID, so she called me back and scolded me more. Oops. Sorry bout that.

So all the (few) emails that I've tried to send my missionary sister have been to the wrong account, so I have to go back and re-send all my scolding letters. It will be good for her.

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I'm listening to a German punk band called Die Aertze.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Daily Update

I don't know if you can even call this a 'European morning'. It was foggy all over the place. By afternoon it cleared up though.

So, I know you all want to hear about my car situation. Yesterday during lunch I dropped it off at a VW place down on Venice. After 3 hours they called and said that all they did was replace a temperature gauge/switch and that was it! It fixed many of the problems. Now, it runs in super-stealth mode. You can barley hear it even when standing right next to the engine. So I picked it up from the car place right after work with the help of one Ms. Cheryl. Now I just need to get it registered. But on that note, I went this morning to the Smog Check place, and their machine was broken! What misfortune.

I also know that a few of you care about my ebay-ing habits. Well, I've had to put those adventures on the top shelf, as I have purchased everything that I needed. Mostly little Lord of the Rings stuff. Also last night after I picked my car up, with the help of Ms. Cheryl, I had to go retrieve my goods from the transport vehicle, which was her car. While this exchange was happening, I wound up at her place. Both she and her roommate, L-Train, were then interrogating me as to what I've purchased. (Yesterday I received my second to last package of all the crap I've ordered... I think.) It was packaged in a 'Shoe box' so they immediately wanted to know what kind of shoes I had. I tried to explain that it wasn't fashionable, bit it was nerddom in my package. They made me prove it, so I reluctantly removed my new treasure from its incasement. After they saw it, they delighted in teasing me about my new toy. I didn't let it get to me though. I was strong. They agreed that I was indeed a super-nerd, then let me back on my way.

I also went frame shopping last night. Dang, picture frames are expensive! They're not what I remember paying in Utah anyway. But I found something that would suit my Painting at Michaels. The only downside is that its going to take 10 or so days to get it. Sorry Joe, That doesn't meet the 'Mike going to Tahoe' deadline. We'll have to figure something else out.

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I'm listening to absolutely nothing right now.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Daily UPdate

Our 'run in' last night it was no coincidence. I had planned it all out this time. A few days ago, I worked up the courage to ask a girl to go on a date with me. I think a few of you may know her, her name is Cheryl, and she agreed to it too. After I got off work I picked her up. I even left work early cause I was so nervous for this evenings events. We made the long drive into Hollywood to see the musical called 'Wicked'. (NO Joe, its not a dirty movie, or R-rated. Its about the 'wicked' witch of the east from the wizard of OZ.) It was quite fun. (except for the theater being to hot and sweaty, and a bunch of crazy Germans sitting right behind us, and the nazi ushers taking peoples cameras and cell phones away! (no joke, he would actually take them, give a claim ticket, and then you'd have to pick them up at the front desk afterwards!)) You'd have to see it for your selves, but it sat well with me. But what sat even weller with me was the Thai-Chicken Pizza that we ate right before the play. Ooooooh yummy. The jury is still out, but it may have been the best part of the night. Then the worst part of the night was when it let-out at 11pm, past Cold Stone's closing time, so we couldn't get ice cream! just awful!

During my lunch break I rushed down to a VW repair shop to have them look at the problem that Firestone caused. After 3 hours they called and said it was done, and they only replaced a $6 temperature gauge. Gee, I remember Firestone taking 5 days to find a temperature gauge, and charging me A LOT MORE! Needless to say, angry letters are already in the works, and I will never go there again!

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I'm listening to Christopher Parkening (or something like that) play J.S. Bach on Classical Guitar.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Daily Update

Ya, after a brief review, yesterday ended up being one of the crappiest days ever. Not only did all that other stuff happen from the weekend, when I got home I got a few letters from my credit card which freaked me out. Remember that whole string of charges that suddenly 'appeared' a few months back? I guess they didn't get my written statement soon enough cause they re-charged my account the amount that some euro-ass-face charged me. And another letter from my student loan company who I think decided to change the due dates of a loan of mine, so the letter said a payment was 4 days late, so this morning I had to call and set them straight too. As well as our usual JJCCHE was canceled. Jeff was out shopping at the Beverly Center with his sister and her friends. Not only that but there wasn't anything on TV, AND I was busy at work all day. To my benefit I did work more yesterday than I have in a while. Maybe thats what makes it frustrating. I wasn't able to give my Daily Update the quality time that it deserves.

I told you all that I finished my painting, right. Its a masterpiece. I outdo myself every time. I can't wait to see what I do next :) My next project it the Man Box. Yes, it has been about a year since they were first planned, but it will indeed be glorious when they get going I tell you. I have mine all planned out, I just have to do about 3 weeks worth of decorative carving on the top and sides. Josh and Jeff are starting over from scratch, and they're making super bit boxes.

I'm listening to John Cougar Mellencamp right now.

Lunch was sponsored by the elusive Chipotle. I only had to wait in line for 13 minutes, and oh was it worth the wait. Mmmm, so good.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Daily Update- Daylight Savings Edition

This weekend was supposed to be all fun and happy. It started out decent. I made myself the obligatory Pancake Breakfast early on Saturday. I was planning to go visit my Grandma when I ran into Cheryl on the street. She said that she was thinking of going to some small town called Yucipa, just to visit, cause she had heard that its an interesting rural town. What a coincidence, that where my grandma lives! So we decided to carpool. We started making the 100 minute drive when some irrational highway patrolman decided that I needed to be pulled over. Sure my car hasn't been registered for about 9 months now, but that was no reason to flash your lights, and then yell at me through his loudspeaker multiple times. He didn't seem like he was having a good day either. He probably didn't get to make himself pancakes. I shook my head at myself for much of the rest of the drive, but I still don't understand why he had to tack on infractions like no proper insurance, illegal lane change, and speeding. And the worst part is that I have to show up so some court thing to get it resolved at 8 in the morning next week, I think! Bah humbug to that.
Other than that the trip was fine. It wiped me out dealing with a few of my little 8 year old cousins. They kept wanting to be spun around and thrown in the air, and I got pretty dizzy every time. And they kept wanting more and more! Crazy little girls. But I had a lovely luncheon afternoon with my Grandma and Aunt and cousin, and her little one, and other cousins kids too.
That night I ran into Cheryl again as she was just going to meet some of her other friends for dinner. I asked to tag along too cause my stomach was pushing me in that direction, so she let me. How nice of her.

Sara had her 'going away' brunch on Sunday morning. She's going to India again. After Jeff rudely woke me up at 8 freaking am, I made my way over to Greenfield. I 'patiently' waited for delectable waffles, chocolate, cookies, and some other fruity delight that Sara made. The best part of the morning, other than my cranky fit after I just arrived, was when Maggie shows up to Sara's party (yes, she lives there too) and decides to tell everyone how bad the food was. Oh, I'm sorry Maggie, I didn't know that you were royalty! I wonder if she wants special invites to all of our parties to criticize all the food that we give out for free? Hmmm. Bless her heart. I'll tell you the only problem with the food, and that was that there wasn't enough for ME! As well not enough time before Church to wolf it all down. I mean seriously Sara, I had to wait like... 5 minutes before I could eat!

Also on Sunday I got a little interested in an ebay item. I send out a bid, just to be curious, but was immediately rejected. I was curious about how much the other guy wanted it; cause in the last minute the price went up like 300%. I figured that the guy wanted it pretty bad, so I helped the seller by making him pay more for it. Instead of using my two set monetary amounts for how much I wanted it, I used my high amount to determine how much I could sell it for, if I won. So I kept bidding this guy up until the auction ended. It turns out that he wanted it pretty bad, cause I sure didn't want to pay that much! :)

So on Monday Morning I marched my car over to the Smog check place where I was hoping to get in and out before work started. I was actually walking back to my apartment when I changed my mind and went back to the car place. There the guy told me that there was some sort of electrical problem and he wasn't allowed to even look at it. So I said I'd take it back to the place who jimmy-rigged it in the first place. So then back to Firestone. Those retards messed my car up last summer by cutting wires and faking it. When I go to bed tonight I will pray for harmful vengeance upon them for doing this to me.

Also for a minute I thought that my court date was today, the 10th, cause on the ticket it reads the 16th, and thats a Sunday, and they don't do Sunday's. After a short frustrating investigation I noticed it was in April, not March. whew!

I'm just so frustrated at everything right now. I wish someone would come up to me and try to argue with me so I could just punch the crap out of them. I was almost looking forward to giving the retards at the Firestone shop a 'Shot at the Title', if you know what I mean (if they were to try to charge me that is).

Also, not to forget Chris, we went to some Mexican place for dinner in his honor. For some reason he thinks it's necessary to go back to Texas. It was delightful.

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I'm listening to Queen right now.