Saturday, January 27, 2007

Daiy Update

I made a phone call last night, but no one answered. Why do I think that so many
people have me on their 'no call list'?

I'm still in the process of ripping all my music to my computer at work. its
exciting. I just finished the Gin Blossoms CD. I haven't heard that since high
school. I'll be honest, I don't remember buying most of the crap that I own. Not
in a bad way, its just that some of those purchaces/aqusitions were a horrible
error! I'm sure they are worth little or nothing now. Oh, when I say that i'm
almost done, I mean with the honest copies. I havent even spoken of the 'borrowed',
or 'copies or copies' collections. Then late next week when those are done, I might
branch out and start borrowing again.

Matt and I went home teaching. not to bad. good kids. whenever we try to go visit
people, stuff always comes up for both of us. crazy how that works...

An attempt was made at video game playing, but it didn't work out. Has it reached a
boring level for me? I wonder. it wouldn't be bad if it did, cause my painting
list is backing up.

The second I sat down to play I got a call from both Jeff and then some girl named
Trisha called and wanted to know if the Flying J's wanted some sugar. How could I
turn that down? She/(you) made toffee for us. It was very nice. I hoped that the
J's shoed proper gratitude rather than eating and leaving her/your place. Then I
don't remember what happened. I think the sugarie treats were drugged/prepaired in
a manner that would make me forget. What did you do to us?! How did I get home?

Although I don't remember it, I'm pretty sure I stayed up to late. 8 o'clock came
rather early, as usual.

I passed by Jeff on my way to work. he was on the st. corner. I would have given
him a ride, but I was actually in a hurry.

I got to work at 8:30am to finish up on the stringent project that we were pressed
to finish last night. It went ok. Last minute problems always arise, and thus
frustrate me. then when that was done, I was handed another assigment and told that
it was also important and they needed it done by 2:30. oh boy another one.
what will be next.

I wonder what I'll do tonight. it could be exciting... or boring as hell.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Daily Update

Work is so exciting to day, I almost forgot to fill everyone in on a day-in-the-life
of Jim. Oh, how could I let you down?! I am so sorry. So, yesterday. I woke up
only to be presented with the most unhealthy breakfast option, Toffee. Shame on
that Trisha Lynn Haner, shame on her for lacing the scrumptious sugarie treats with
heroin, or whatever addictive substance that she uses. After the 15 min. sugar
high, I quickly swooped down to a depressed mode. but I then realized that I was
simply at work, doing what I 'love' (so to speak).

It was thursday yesterday. In case you didn't know. I didn't know that until
around lunch time. oops :)

Last night I was speaking with Jim, my roomate(not my subconsious third-person self)
and he said that the manager lady stopped by and said that they are working on the
leak that is probably in our apt. Jimmy didn't know what she was speaking of, so
they checked out the bathroom, nothing. then looked in my room, and Wah-Laa! Leak
down the side wall, next to my bathroom entrance. it was streaming down at the
time. so by now there is probably a puddle in my food storage corner. oh well,
what can you do.

My long desire to get a hair cut was also postponed, due to my sassy new look of
jelling the crap out of my hair. It makes it look shorter anyway, and I still get
to keep my gorgious curls. I don't know if it will last past saturday morning
though. (after pancakes that is). I'll be trying Floyd's, which is closer than

Speaking of haircuts, Man I feel like a squirrl. I decided to follow in the
footseps of my fearless compadres, in letting my beard grow out. I was yelling at
myself in the mirror last night, making fun of the person who I saw; my face looks
just like that a wart hog's fur, rather than a Brown Kodiak Bear (josh), or a
Grizzly Bear(jeff). And its super scratchy, and I really hate it. I kind of feel
like the one or two kids in high school who can barley grow a mustache, so he does.
it doesent look good, but all the other kids are impressed cause of the sheer
ability, which in highschool translates to coolness, but I guess we're a little past
that. I guess I could compaire myself to the (partial)beard of the late Mr. Miagi
(from karate Kid)[very squirrely].

I had to send in a VIN verification form to my mercury insurance. It was kindof
dumb. They said that new CA law requires a vin number thing-a-ma-gig, and they
didn't think they had mine correct. But they did. I was thinking of calling in and
being the ultra jerk on the phone, but changed my mind and just went to their

Last night I also went running agian. I did a tour around the brentwood country
club. It felt good. I felt like an african gazelle as I sprang off of the balls of
my feet, cutting through the dense LA air. At least for the first 30 seconds before
I had to down shift to a lower gear when my second wind started dragging me down. I
keep forgetting to invite Renee to go with me until i'm about half way thru my run.
oops. She'll never know if I don't tell here. I'll just pretend that I sit at home
all night and play video games, and watch Star Trek. Oh, wait...

After that I went to a friends house to watch TV. It was fun. We gossiped for a
little bit about 'as much as possible'.

Then Renee called, oh man she is long-winded. While on the phone I drove all over
my neighborhood, went to Jeff's, left, then wandered around his neighborhood, and
then filled my car with gas at Cheveron, then drove home. then hung up about then.
it was fun.
Speaking of renee, I sent her and her friend an email explaining how I'm never mean
to girls. I had to be the funny guy.

well, I better go, the cleaning crew is comming.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Daily Update

Welcome to the life of Jim. I stay up to late, and talk to much. My room is a mess,
and m... its to easy just to hang out..
oh never mind.
My legs kind of feel kind of mushy. I went running yesterday and it was a bit
further than normal. but I'm a man on a mission.
(yesterday I spent a little to much time emailing all the girls on my email list.)
I finished putting my dresser together. pretty much. now it smells like weird
particle board in my room. Video games didn't interest me yesterday either. I
think that means something is really wrong. I think I'm emotionally frustrated.
why is it so hard to set up home teaching appointments? why is work so demanding?
I went over to Jeff's n' Josh's last night. I stayed longer than I thought. then
left at 10. My room is getting cleaner. but who cares.
yesterday was bill paying day. I hate that day. So many people want money from me.
Well, I'll have the chance to get to know them really well in the next 20-30 years.
thanks USC. (I'm shaking my head in an upset manner right now; it lasts 10
so much to do, so little time.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Daily Update

Oh boy, let me tell you about the joy of this thing called 'speed dating'. what the
crap?! the only other time I had heard of this happening is in the movies, or at
school( except at school it was hosted by the gay/lesbo/by/and trany club, so I sure
don't know anyone who went). It was conducted by a retarded nerd! he was either a
lawyer or a computer science nerd. And they didn't set up enough chairs or tables,
so a bunch of people had to stand for part of it. Lots of people showed up.
whoever planned it took some bad advice in the procedures; but then again... I think
this whole thing was meant for the ladies. guys would just sit there and every
three minutes they would scream/kakel into the microphone for the chicks to move, so
they got to make the selection. Also what was studid, they kicked everyone out at
10 (we started at 8-8:30) so no hang out time either. And then there were the
'Couples' who had to just come to see the spectacle. Now even I referred to some
singles wards in Utah as Meat Markets, I've never been a fan of the term, or idea.
It was a whole lot of weird awkwardness. And we only had time to talk with 14
people each, which was maybe 10-20% of the opposing gendered crowd. But lucky for
me the people I liked talking to most were the people I already knew. It was like a
break for both of us, cause we already had somewhere to start. But then, to some,
I'd ask more questions n stuff. it was nice for that reason. ( I was sitting next
to Jeff and Plewe, I think Plewe was really lookin ((if you know what I mean)), and
Jeff may have been a little to serious. I didn't sit next to him to hear his
conversations, but I'm pretty sure he had a list of prep questions.) I ended up not
wearing Star Trek paraphernalia, and tried just to act normal around most people.
My answers were dull, and non revealing. (sorry. no hot steamy revalations to

so at 10:30 we made our way over to the Jess/Kam/Jen Suite for the Bye Bye Robbie
party. it was nice, a bunch of people I didn't know. We hung out for about an
hour, then left as everyone started wanting to watch 24. I think Kamillia got
pissed when I started helping myself to her ice cream. Oh Well. the cookies ran
out to early.

Jeff said that Plewe was pretty serious about a vacation in September to Europe. So
when I got home I forwarded him a travelzoo advertisement that had fares to London
for 150 bones.

I got home and actually finished putting my dresser together around 2am. Now I just
need to find somewhere to put it, and then use it. which means intensive cleaning.
Oh boy.

8:30 came rather early.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Daily Update

And I thought it was going to be a boring weekend... Ahhh, where did I leave off.
Oh Yes Chris N' Pitts. Spectacular. 17 people showed up. Evan, Rob, Catherine,
Renee, Rick, Silvia, Ashley, Me, Christian, Autumn, Scott, Jeff, Amy, Ryan, Sara,
Kristen, and maybe someone else in there but I cant remember right now. after a
glorious 45 min. wait, the feast began. Jesse was our waiter again. He's good.
Yes Sir's, and Thank you sir's, all over the place. ryan and I made an executive
decision to change the name 'onion donuts' to 'Onion Dream Circle's'. This time
Silvia got sick, so I think Rick did something to her. she felt bad that she was
sick, cause ricky was sick last time, but we still had to give rick a hard time.
I'm gonna have to start being careful about who pays for what next time, cause I
didn't really like being stuck with a 50 dollar bill. (double what it should have
been for me).

Afterwards we went back to Jeff's place and watched Blazing Saddles. That as awsome
too. Although an 'R', it was decently tame, and still very funny. Only
racial/sexist humor, and shome 'shit's', but nothing bad.

Then I went home cause it was late. Played video games even later into the night,
and then attempted to start putting my Clothing Dresser together, but then quickly
gave up due to the lateness, and the potential difficulty.

Oh how I wanted to sleep in, but No, someone was being noisy below my window. I
soon realized that I recognized those voices and that I was supposed to be helping
them move. oops. I slowly wandered down there to help. So I don't know the whole
story, but one girl was moving in(last saturday), but no one had informed the
managment, so management said NO. uh, oh boy. so the chick had to go somewhere
else, and just left her stuff there. the management also found out that none of the
original lease signees were living there, that was also a problem, cause they wanted
the girls to sign something new RIGHT NOW or else. So they decided to move out. but
oh ya, as well if they leave they will be breaking the lease and will therefore
forfit the deposit. The girl moved from a three bedroom house into this apartment,
so she used a huge U-haul, and filled the whole thing!

I somehow got talked into playing Ward Ball. Wow, that was a shock to my system. I
don't know how much more basketball I can take. all that sprinting.

I then lounged around my place for a bit. I phoned my parents,it was a little
boring. I was invited to go to the 007 movie with Jeff, and the service auction
people, but I changed my mind. I'd already seen it twice and didn't want to burn
myself out of it, like I did with Borat. So instead I went to a Long Beach Hockey
game with a few other kids. (it didn't last long) left early.

then I went to watch a movie, but the Office was on again, so that worked instead.

I walk into the church bldg, and I see three people I know; Sisters: McKay, Noble,
and Ellingson. As I approached they immediatly shut up, kind of ignored me, and
acted like they had been standing there all day. (I'm used to that attitude from so
many other girls, so I 'knew' they didn't want to talk with me.) So I knew I wasn't
welcome to that conversation. But later Rachel pulled me aside and just showed me
the ring. I told her I figured it was something like that, having noticed lots of
sparkels from a certain ring finger as I approached the first time. So she is
engaged, but didn't think it was funny when I asked to whom :) I announced it to
everyone I know.

Turns out that a bunch of people don't like Paul and no one wants to tell me why. I
fear he may have done something horrible. but that goes against what I think of

After church we had dinner at KA's. If was wonderful. I told evan he could onlyl
come if he didn't mention Honeymoon/marrage stuff AT ALL! so he was kind of
annoyed. the flying J's got there early to help out, and hang out, and just to
cause trouble. When I got there some people were watching a cake decorating show on
the food channel, but moments later, (after the arrival two different people who I
could easily become annoyed with, because of this fact) the station was changed. I
only knew this because there was a lot of Ohhh's and Ahhhh's, and loud laughter, and
cheering n' such. of course. football was on. I didn't care much to watch the
match, only to find out the outcome. Then the second the game was over the few
instigator guys marched over to the kitchen and starte demanding food. I had to
tell them to shove off, but then I was the bad guy for being 'mean'. oh ya, just
you wait. After eating everyone just faded out. then we finally left too.

then on the way home I remembered that I wanted to go to the bank (downtown at USC).
and if I didn't do it then, it would have to wait another 4 days. I called my
brother on the way to my car, and we talked it up for the whole way there and back,
and then some.

Then, sick of a dirty room, I started playing my favorite video games, as well as
Laundry, which I almost forgot in the machine, but then I started putting my dresser
together. Man there are lots of pieces.

I started purposfully not shaving. I'm gonna go for the grizzly adams look I guess,
but I don't know how long I'll be able to take it. Its ichie like crazy!

Speed dating tonight for FHE, I'm gonna try to impress girls with star trek trivia:)