Friday, January 18, 2008

Daily Update

It was cold, it was dark, and it was dreary. But that was nothing for the pure determination fulminating from every muscle of my body. Every step was like jumping on a trampoline, as the toe of my shoe launched me forward at an alarming rate. I had to slow myself down a few times just so I didn't loose control of my direction. I was like the wild leopard of the mysterious Australian planes. The one who lies in wait under trees and behind rocks for the right moment to pounce upon its prey. Although I didn't run into any prey this time, I was ready for it if it did. I was masterful. 'Bo-Peep', who was with me, kept trying to convince me that my distance calculations were inaccurate; but really, who's keeping track. I was there for the Experience. 'Blond Lightning' was there just to run faster than everyone else. She lapped me like, 3 times before I could complete one lap.

One thing I forgot to tell you about, but I think is worth mentioning; The other day I was walking back from my coveted lunch break. While walking I encounter many foolish children. This day in particular, yesterday in fact, I was walking toward Jamba Juice when a few groups were coming toward me. I moved a little to the side, to make room for the 5 or 6 people wide group on the sidewalk. I get annoyed fairly easily with groups like this because they really don't NEED to walk side by side. They don't NEED to control the entire sidewalk. They don't NEED to not allow other pedestrians to walk in the other direction. And they certainly don't NEED to be self centered, stubborn, arrogant little retards. I on the other hand I have the power to control the sidewalk all by myself but indeed do not because I am none of those names that I have referred to them as. So, I had moved out of the way of the first group. Then less for the second group I passed. I budged a little, but refused to move the entire way to the side. When they are dumb enough to not move for me, I usually just stop and let them go around. Then for the third group, which was 3 people I think, I did just that, by stopping as they got close, making them move around me as I centered my path in toward the middle of the sidewalk. But then to top it all off, after I was done annoying those little kids I look up and notice some chick holding some sort of bag or book in front of her face. It was kind of like she was reading, but she was walking, on a public sidewalk at lunch time, in busy little Westwood. Whatever it was, it seemed she was holding it to close to her face to be able to read it, so she must have been hiding something. Something like her face. Therefore I must refer to her as 'Ugly Girl' for the rest of our discussion. So I see Ugly girl coming right at me. I had already moved for two groups, and stopped for another. So I wasn't about to so either of those for this Ugly girl. I was determined that the only thing that could quench my anger was to simply keep walking forward, oblivious to my surroundings, just like The Ugly was. I only had to take four or five steps before contact was made, then POW! I was expecting the collision so I had taken a defensive stance by lowering and turning my shoulder a bit, just to make sure Ugly got the hard part of my shoulder bone. I'm pretty sure 'Ugly' got the shock of a lifetime as I knocked her back, waking her up to the presence of more than just her in the world. I didn't look back after this action cause I didn't want to seem malicious. I felt good about my decisions. I sure showed 'Ugly' who's boss.

Last night after the great run, I needed food to keep my engine running. Somehow I talked Cheryl into going to get Chinese Take-out food with me. We went to Hop-Wu. It was a little bit costly, but Man was it good! I mean Real GOOD. It don't get much better than that right there. It only took them like 5 minutes to get our food ready too! You know what that means... I'll be back! We ate as we were watching great TV shows like Project Runway. Then I ate so much I fell asleep. Then I went home. Then I chatted with Mikey for a bit about some bits of important gossip. Then I went to bed. It was late... again.

Today at work, Emilio was asking if me and Collins were fast 'typers' (as in typing). Collins explained that he was decently fast cause he used all 10 fingers. Wanting to better him, I exclaimed that I was so fast at typing that I sometimes used toes. I don't think he believed me cause he then made a joke about using other body parts, which was inappropriate so I can't write it here.

Lunch was sponsored by south street. they made me wait 20 minutes for my food for some reason. I only went there after both Corner Bakery AND In N Out were to packed for my liking.

'm listening to The Monkey's right now via my snazzy little jim-pod.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Daily Update

Last night a bunch of us went out to eat at The Counter. Its a fancy Hamburger joint over in Santa Monica. Not as good as Crown Burger, but entertaining none the less. There were 8 of us so it took a bit longer than expected. After I was done stuffing myself with a massive double handful of cheesy, pineapply, avocadoie, juicy burger I followed Kristen's and Emily's inspiration of partaking of a 'Birthday cake Shake'. It was delightful to the taste, and even inspirational to the mind. It indeed reminded me of birthday cake! The burgers were indeed good to eat. It satisfied a tremendous burger craving that I had. Not to mention the appetizer of greasy fried onion slivers, as well as 'sweet potato fries'. They were only 'ok', but Jeff and Ryan were stuffing them down as if they were going out of style. We were funny, because of our numbers we kept asking for more and more stuff. The second we sat down, we all handed the waitress our 'Burger Checklists' showing her our orders, and Jeff added that 'we had to wait 30 extra minutes from when we got there', and 'How dare they do such a thing', 'How can they stay in business doing that to good customers like us?'. But going back to the burgers, one thing they do that I don't particularly love is how they arrange them on the plate. They are displayed very well, but they are all heaped up into a tower formation. This makes it difficult to eat, as the human mouth isn't always made for such shapes. (unlike Joe's mouth, he can dislocate his jaw like a snake and lower his jaw another few inches and fit even more food in.) So in order to properly eat such a burger, you have to smash it down into a baseball/softball size and then strategically chomp away at the edges.

After our eating festival we all dispersed. It was late and everyone was tired, so I dropped them all off. I brought my brother back to my place to show him my exquisite display of a Gingerbread Castle. While showing it off, I noticed that all of the trees appeared as if they had exploded again. So I had to fix them, and I will have to do so until I get it photographed. After many Ohhhh's and Ahhhh's I then forced joe to watch the 3-4 highlighted people from American Idol that I mentioned yesterday. It was great all over again. He was in shock, and I was happy that I could prove to someone that I wasn't just fibbing again. 100% truth comes from these here 'digital lips'.

I then brought Joe back to his hotel. Getting there on the way back was much easier. The Freeways are almost always clearer at night. On my way downtown earlier, to pick him up, it got hectic with all the other cars in the street, so there were a few blocks where i elected to see if the sidewalk would be any quicker. It was at first, but then all the people and shopping carts and newspaper stands got in my way, so I had to switch back to the streets.

Lunch was sponsored by Jamba Juice.

I'm listening to the phone ring and ring and ring. I even had to answer it twice.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Daily Update

IT IS DONE! Yes, thats right. My masterpiece is complete. I had to stay up super late, which means I was late for work again. And I had to turn off the TV, which means I was somewhat un-entertained during the final hours of completion. But I've done it. All sugary eatable goodness. I've come to an understanding with myself, in that the longer I let it sit and be on my dining room table, the more I'll want to work on it. so I finally had to set a goal, and work my way toward it. I made sure that every corner has some 'flair'. every wall has at least two levels. Every wall has at least one focal point, beyond the candy coating and opulant decor. I'm so very excited about this. I'm afraid I can't offer you any pictures right now, but I'll write up a description tonight and publish it tomorrow... tentatively.

So my brother came into town yesterday. It was nice to see him/chauffeur him around for a bit. I picked him up from LAX. It wasn't such a mad house as it normally is during the holidays when I'm usually there. I brought him to his hotel which is in downtown LA. It was dark and scary, with sketchy people looming in all the shadows. We hung out in his room for a little bit. I hid all the toilet paper in the bathroom, just to surprise him. Then after I was done doing that I went into the room and started jumping on one of the two beds like a Childhood Champion. They were pretty springy, and luckily the ceilings were fairly high, allowing me to get maximum hight with each jump. after about 15-20 jumps I'd plop down on my but, just like we all did as children on trampolines. We both then laughed for a while cause its not to often you get big fat kids like me jumping on the bed. My oh my, if only we had a camera.

Did you guys get a chance to see American Idol last night?! It was the first episode of the season. It was spectacular. One of the best that I've seen yet. Not only did they have Psycho's and Skitzo's, they also had retards and mongoloids. The two most memorable were Star Wars related. One freak dressed as a character from such series, but looked more like a cross between a Wookie and Frankenstein. She wasn't that bad (surprisingly) but when they said no, both her and her grandparents who were there freaked out and announced that the show has just taken a turn for the worst. No girl, its because of you that this show is great. The next most memorable was a Dude who dressed as the Slave Princess Leia. No I'm not kidding. Its true. At first they didn't let him sing cause all his chest hair/body hair was too distracting to Paula. So he went and got his body waxed, then went back to try to sing 'don't you wish you girl-friend was hot like me'. He only sang 2 words before they told him to leave. I'm still in shock that my eyes were subjected to such a sight. And the fun only continues tonight.

Lunch was sponsored by Marvin's. It was OK, except when I tried to open the ketchup, a red liquid goo squirted everywhere on the table, and almost got on me. Proof that they water down their ketchup.

I'm listening to talk radio right now. Even its boring to me right now.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Daily Update

I wasn't really interested in playing Dodgeball at the ward for FHE. It usually turns into a bunch of over anxious guys venting their testosterone. Kind of like how male gorillas will challenge the other males in their troop for authority. I guess they are trying to impress the females of the troop in such a physical display. Then after the females have been over impressed, offended, or are just plane bored of the situation, the males notice that the females have left the playing field and now are congregating in the corners of the arena. That is when the males Gorillas will then try to impress themselves. This is when brilliant ideas are illuminated, like throwing the dodge-balls at the group of girls, or doing other stupid trickster things just for the attention. These things are sometimes dangerous or harmful, and always annoying. Then lets not forget the 'Vanity' Gorillas who come wearing their costly accessories, and fine groomed coats of fur, and they'll just go over to the groups of female gorillas and interrupt their conversations, just to be known. Then the female's get annoyed cause they are 'pretty-boy' gorillas, and then the other gorilla's just wanting to hang out are interrupted and thus annoyed cause the 'pretty-gorilla's are just lame and retarded. Its a frustrating cycle. So I didn't go at all.

Instead I decided to go pick up some food type storage containers that I've seen at some local mall. I put out an ad for a 'shopping guide' over the internet, kind of like a 'Shopping Sherpa' if you will. And it turns out that Cheryl was the first to respond. How perfect, I already know her and trust her shopping opinion. So we went to this Century City Mall. Luckily she was there cause she was very familiar with every store and every turn in the road. At one point I was thinking out loud, 'where am I' and then I hear my Guide say next turn take a right, immediately left, closest parking stall, up yellow escalators, u-turn, left turn, end of the sidewalk.' All in about 2 seconds. Oh, OK, thanks. And it turns out it was spot on. We got lost int the food court for a while. Its like a maze in there with lots of people to stare at. I'm starting to collect Storage containers for all the kitchen items that I have/can/may/will use(d). Its all part of my potential new master plan: getting organized. Its a novel idea I tell you. I think of mapping this plan out every time I walk in my bedroom. It may, or may not, be a mess right now due to to many hours of me spent away from it.

I forgot to tell you about my running excursion last Friday! How could I be so stupid?! It will have lost most of its impact by now, but I had a great run. I was doing so good, until the end of mile 1. then my enthusiasm was quickly deflated. There were a bunch of little crazy children running around the track up at the Australian Outback Track. I think they were all training to become ninja. They were doing weird things with their legs, and running in circles and twirling around like a bunch of fairies (just without the wings). I'm going to have to train extra hard in order to combat all the new and upcoming little earthly vermin. I may even start fighting them next week. After all, it would never hurt to start today to battle the evil of tomorrow.

Lunch was sponsored by The Corner Bakery again today. I walked by three dudes from Ricks office, and they didn't recognize me. One of them had dinner with us on Saturday and he sat right across the table from me. What a dork. He probably didn't like that I made fun of him most of the night. What a jerk :)

I'm listening to Guns N Roses right now, with a tiny bit of boring audio book mixed in, well, this morning there was anyway.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Daily Update

What a busy weekend. I stayed up late on Friday night. A bunch of kids went over to Allana's Birthday Bash. They made homemade pizza, cake, brownies, and cookies. It was terrific. Needless to say, I think I ate to much. And I got home late, and stayed up till the wee hours of the morning. When I got up I treated myself to French Toast. I made the special effort to do this cause just the night before I made a special trip to the store just to get the fixin's for this glorious breakfast event.

During the day on Saturday I was working on my Castle most of the day, and had the TV on. I listened to a lot of great movies, including: Predator 1 and 2, The Grimm Brothers, and I also watched two seasons of The Family Guy.

We had or Saturday Stake Conference in the late afternoon as well. I went thinking that it would be boring, and it didn't let me down. The whole stake presidency spoke along with a few other random people. They're all great guys, but they didn't hit the nail on the head for me this time. Counselor 2 was whispering as quiet as he normally is, maybe a bit louder cause he had a cold, but its hard to hear him even with a microphone 2 inches from his mouth. Counselor 1 spoke about pop culture, Britney Spears, Angelina Jolie, and LA being Babylon (again). He can't NOT talk about crap like that. He usually starts with talking about famous people he knows but its annoying now. And whats with calling LA Babylon?! If you don't like it Move already! Go graze in Utah with the rest of the old lame retirees. I'll be working on a full on attack argument against that statement to be aired at a later date, but I get annoyed when he/people say that about where I live. And Pres. spoke about crazy old people on airplanes. So it wasn't my cup-o-tea. Its not that I don't like hearing about old people, its just that I don't like hearing about airplane stories; when I am on an airplane, I sleep, therefore when I hear about being on an airplane, I'll want to sleep. Unless its 'Airplane' the movie. I wouldn't sleep through that, cause its funny. Luckily I brought drawing equipment, and an 'anti-boredom' book bag. We sat right behind Danny K. To my entertainment, he actually brought the larger-than-life sized origami set with him that Jeff and I gave him for Christmas. As we sat down in the row right behind him, he waves at us to get our attention, and then pulls it out from under the bench in front of him. I then can not stop laughing at the situation for the next 10 minutes. The couple behind us were complaining, and jabbering about us having fun. I was really close to telling them to be quiet and let us play in peace. I brought some extra candy from my castle as well to distribute.

Afterwards a large group of us went over to El Cholo for a surprise Birthday dinner for Ricky-Bobby. What made it great was that Rick was oblivious to all 25 of us being there until he was like 10 feet away when we all lowered our menu's and yelled 'surprise'. He was a great Surprise-ie cause he had no idea, and even looked dumb-founded for the next 10 minutes. Its pretty good food there. It was hectic at first cause Silvia only made the reservation for 15 (and 25 showed up.) It was fun. Two other large groups had surprise party's as well. We made it interesting as the other group yelled their 'Surprise' we also joined in with cheering, which just confused everyone in the room. It was grand.

I tried my best to finish my Castle by Midnight on Saturday, but it took a little longer than I anticipated. Now, Jim's Gingerbread Castle of Delight is indeed finished, but the grounds around it are not. I had a slight situation with the trees falling and exploding. And I've been playing with it for so long, I think that i feel that I must do more on it, even though its virtually complete. Because there are a few more things I'll send the grounds keepers out tonight to finish up, and I'll make my official announcement tomorrow.

I treated myself to a glorious Pancake breakfast on Sunday morning. Our Stake Conference was also in the morning so we had the rest of the day to ourselves. What a new experience. I played with my castle, as well as watched more Family Guy, football, and Ace of Cakes. In the evening Plewe had a Birthday Party which was pretty well attended. He was worried that people wouldn't come so he bribed people with cakes made by Jeff. To help out I brought the 5 gallons of Ice Cream that I still had from the Christmas party. It got crowded so I left early, then stayed up late. I had to make a run downtown late last night too. I really need to find a closer bank. My next free time project will be to clean my room too.

I'm listening to Talk Radio right now, as well to the books on tape from Danny's computer.

Lunch was sponsored by In N Out. It was rather tasty today.