Friday, February 1, 2008

Daily Update

It was cold. It was dark. But somehow my running shoes had been strapped on, and I was standing at the starting line of the Australian Outback race track. I don't remember getting there, only being there. The winds were high, and the lights were low. It was night time after all. There were the usual people running about as well. Only one or two people there could run fast er than I. That always makes me feel good about myself. The Blond-Lightning Phenomena was also there, lighting the way for all the rest to see. It was very cold. I thought global warming was supposed to be a factor in the world today, but this night has changed my mind about that. (I haven't seen all those activists around lately either.) But it felt like I was rushing straight toward the highest peak in Antarctica. Most of the wind was from me moving faster than my surroundings rather than the wind pushing me back like the previous day in the Urals. I felt like an Arctic Zebra like Cat, rushing forward with zeal like never before. It was a bit short lived though. Only two miles were accomplished. The elements and the long winter nap have taken much of my strength from me as of late. But that is something I must overcome shortly.

Last night was the resurfacing of some show called 'lost'. Its the kind of show that makes you 'lost' after having watched it. A big group of us watched it over at Kami's. Little did I know that shoing up 3 minutes late would get my ass chewed out by about 12 angry people! I mean they were serious about watching this show. I guess I had never fell victim to the optical heroine that they all had. As soon as the show started I decided to make comments, but OOPS! that was another scolding moment for jim to recieve, along with two pillows thrown at me, one slap on the arm, and some unidentifyable food item. I think it was hurled at me from the depths of someones inner digestive track, but I didn't look further into it as it slowly creeped down the wall behind me moments later. I mean, this show just makes you wonder more and more about what they are up to. And if you don't see it from the start, I guess you don't care at all, like me:) My Man Danny was also there observing it for the first time. It was unfortunate that he and I, as well as Chris and Mike weren't allowed to make comments. I mean, that would have made it a super great show I tell you! Maybe next time guys.

After that episode, I rushed off to Scott's After Birthday Party. I had missed the birthday party due to running. But it wasn't JUST running, but it was running night, and I was only told that a bunch of kids were going out to dinner AS I was getting in the car to go. Sure it was special that Scott invited me, which was weird cause not only does he never go 'Out', but to invite ME to dinner was most generous of him. So after my run I found out that it was for a Birthday dinner, and only then I remembered that Jeff warned me about this last week. So I stopped by to say Hi and to wish him well. As usual I found Scott and Plewe Zombying the couch up, taking all the ESPN in that they could, before overload. How Priceless.
We got a new girl in the office today. She's replacing Susan. Susan is apparently going back to the Philippines. Apparently America is a little to fast paced and luxurious for her. Thats to bad, cause she was always laughing at work. I don't exactly know why, but she was the one who would laugh at ANYthing I did.

I'm listening to One Man Army right now. They're cool.

Lunch was sponsored by Marvin's. Today at Marvin's, the Racist Stan was pushing the Marvin's employees for their rent check. The Employees said their boss was just in a bad car wreck and is in the hospital. Stan didn't seem to care, and still kept threatening them, and talking down to them. I'm sure the two little Mexican Fellas who work there could take the greedy and unforgiving Stan.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Daily Update

I brought my own paper bag to Stans Donuts yesterday morning. I felt like a bum for doing it, but it was my little effort to help save the Earth. Lets face it, I go there enough that I started feeling bad about throwing all those paper bags away, so I started saving them, and I figured that I could use them for something useful one day.

So last night when I got home from work, I resisted the urge to go running for a while, but it finally overtook me. I rushed out the door with my running shoes, and J-pod on. I didn't have the nerve to greet the Australian Outback, so I simply went on a tour of what seemed like the Ural Mountains. It was all up hill, and very cold and very windy. It was vicious at the peak, and I thought I'd even blow away for a minute. But I stove on into the wild. It was to cold to run into any wildlife this time, so it was just the elements I had to endure.

On the way back from lunch I saw some bum stumble behind some Newspaper stand, and start peeing into his starbucks cup. It was quite odd, in fact kind of scary. Because I was walking by at such a brisk pace, I want to assure you that I didn't see 'Bum Wiener', but I saw him position the cup and go for 'IT'. Being a guy I simply know the process of motions in certain situations like this.

I started the painting last night that I had been planning to start for the last 550 days. Yes, Happy wedding day Joe and Tiff. I've finally begun. Sorry its been so long, but I've had a lot of stuff to do! I have a full social calendar after all, as well as many Battles of my Life. I have mainly started with the blue blue sky for now. I wasn't mentally ready for the intensity that the other colors would offer. I had to study the image I had sketched onto the canvas for a while to reacquaint myself with it, and even practice certain complex brush stroke techniques that I learned when studying in Italy. As the brush grazed the canvas for the first time it was like month of ideas all coming out at once. It was like the canvas was patting me on the back and having a lovely discussion with me. As my brush would stroke up and down I could hear the waves of the quaint I-tallian town that I once follicked in. As the brush stroked from side to side, I could hear the annoying squawk of seagulls, accompanied with the briskly cool sea air. As I started painting again, I was upset to see that my paints didn't get along in my absence, as the Rosy Red was punctured by the Lime Green, and squirted all over the yellows. And I didn't have all the blues that I thought I did. So I'll need to go to the store soon to fix that, then re-touch the blue sky portion with a new vibrancy.

I didn't have that much time to fight the battle of my life last night. I did find a new weapon though. I already told you about the Dollmaster's Mace that I found in a treasure chest that emits lightning and fear. Well, now I have found new weapon. Its lighter than the mace, and it glows green, as if made from a green obsidian stone. Its also disburses an electric lighting-a-rific charge when its struck against my enemys. Wow, with my arsenal, I am truly powerful in the Battle of my Life. I can't wait to Fight again.

Lunch was sponsored by Jamba Juice.

I'm listening to Adam Sandler right now. Not my finest moment, but the tunes are on shuffle, and thats what came up.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Daily Update

I had to work late last night. There's lots to do in the world of Architecture right now. Well, its not JUST architecture, its my world of architecture, with emailing, online shopping, internet research, snack getting, defending the universe, and so on.

So after I stuffed my face full of gourmet homemade spaghetti. Then I was going to work up the courage to dust off the ol running shoes, and hit the track, but it was a little to cold for my fragile frame at that moment. And I had just had a lot of pasta. So I didn't go. I happened to be walking around the neighborhood after that and I ran into Cheryl who happened to be out and about too. She reminded me that I was missing two of my most favorite TV shows: Biggest Looser, and American Idol. How could I miss the two shows that give me self confidence?! So we met up at her place to watch them. It was either watch that, or political coverage.

Danny-from work is talking on the phone with someone right now. I'm sitting 4.5 desks away and it really seems like he's yelling at a football team; Yelling to the point of me wanting to plug my ears. I don't like hearing Loud things, especially people talking, and even more especially when its a stupid conversation about how dumb the contractors are. Maybe I should send him an email, describing what an 'Indoor Voice' is, and that he should try to use it when in my presence.

Last night I had dreams of chasing a BBQ chicken Pizza for hours, until I caught it, then as I attempted to chew on it, I woke up and realized that I was gnawing on my pillow.

Lunch was sponsored by In N Out again, but Hosted this time by Mz. Kamilla Kipper Yaden. Thanks Kami.

I'm listening to Jerry Seinfeld right now. He's funny.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

State of the 'Daily Update' Address

So the official Presidential State of the Union Address last night. I only saw bits and pieces of it, but it only made sense to me as I was watching it with Mike late at night, loaded full of sugar. We of course add our own little commentary as it went on and on and on, and during all the clapping we would unravel the true meanings of each political sentence spoken. It was sad to reach every true meaning because they were diluted with double meanings and lies. My favorite part of the speech was when George W was walking out of the big Senate room, and every republican was rushing up to him and having him sign their Programs, or copies of the speech, or whatever it was. Just like kids in a candy store, or roadies at a rock concert... (or like Emily and John Mayor perhaps.) My second most favorite thing about State of the Union addresses is how after every sentence either Republicans or everybody will start clapping or stand up and start clapping. You could take a 20 minute speech and make a 90 minute Address out of it with all that clapping! Imagine how that would work in Church. Besides making it political, it would make people pay attention.

So The 'State of the Union' address made me think, "Wow, its been about a year since most of my Daily Update friends have been getting emails. How fun, (or maybe how questionably annoying)" I don't even remember exactly how it all got started. Well, OK, I kind of remember (It all started with me being super bored at work, and sending Trisha funny emails.) But my-oh-my how the daily emails/(blog) has changed. Now I don't even know who reads it anymore. And every time someone would tell me that they are a subscriber (read it), I would get self-conscious about what I write and then edit down the 'content'. The last time, and maybe most notable editing job, was when realized that my Parents started asking me questions about it. I wonder who told them about it, JOE?! I guess it was just one of your ways to tell mom how to read my mind. Oh well I guess. So I have a few fun ideas that I plan to re-use in the next little bit with the Daily Update, and also I'm going to actually follow through with posting pictures more. I take a lot of them after all. It will hopefully add that little bit of Pizazz that will keep people hooked.

Also last night, a few of us planned an alternate FHE activity last night. We went to BJ's to eat BBQ Chicken Pizza and Pazookies! Ohhh, it was so good. We discussed many important topics. Jeff was there so there was a good amount of gossip that was either discussed or clarified. Cheryl was there so there was a few good discussions about TV and the writers strike. and Chris and I were there, so we started discussing the details of the Super Bowl party thats taking place this Sunday right after church over at Greenfield. (you all are invited by the way. Just bring something to eat with.) Oh the pizza there is so good! Its the beautiful child of a birthday cake, and a Blue Ribbon winning Chicago style Pizza. No incubator needed here, they used a BBQ grille to raise their kid. Then an oven, Now my stomach. I hope they keep making more kids, cause I plan to keep going back!

I'm listening to the last little bit of Jesus the Christ right now on audio book. Its taking forever, and getting kind of boring.

Lunch was sponsored by In N Out today.

Monday, January 28, 2008


This weekend was pretty eventful. It all started with Sara's Birthday Party on Friday, right after work. Originally she was going to have a 'Cuddle Party' but then had to back out of it cause each of the 20 girls invited wanted to 'Cuddle' with DanO. (You can read all about her side of the story at her blog) (but its still in dispute whether or not she/they were serious about going). So we/they went for Sushi instead; followed by a lovely gathering at Greenfield. We had Birthday Pie. We played the Wii. We socialized and ate food. It was the usual grand ol time.

One thing about the Wii that I've started NOT liking is that it has this 'Wii Fitness Test' and for some reason Sara and the crew think its the greatest thing to have me do this fitness test where the results will tell me how old I should be. I played it a few days ago and after playing three different Wii sports, it told me that I was 66 years old. Now, thats simply not correct. So on Friday night Sara had me do this again. They had me do it without any warm up time at all either.

So, On Saturday morning (after my pancake breakfast) I get an email from my Credit card company telling me that they suspended my account due to suspicious activity. Well, I was annoyed because of all the weird stuff with my bank as of late. I figured it was another phishing scheme, but I thought I'd still check it out. So I tried to log on to my bank account; but it wouldn't work! Again, another point of frustration. After two more tries, I broke down and just called the company. They immediately told me that my account had been suspended, it was a legitimate email, and there was suspicious activity on my account, namely Someone in Barcelona went on a shopping spree with my Credit Card number. The Indian on the phone read back the last 10 purchased I made with my card, which were all lunch time purchases made here in Westwood Village. So obviously I was unable to make a quick trip to Spain in less than 24 hours myself (the time between lunch-time purchases here in Westwood). It took a few more minutes, but they fixed the whole thing, so now tonight I'll go back through, just to make sure all purchases are legit. A worthwhile hassle. So the Moral of the story is to check your Credit Card Bills, and to be super-extra careful when traveling in Italy or Spain.

I also spent most of the morning Fighting the Battle of my life. Don't worry friends. The world is indeed a safer place now that I have been roaming the countryside with my magical powers and legendary weaponry fighting, talking, hacking, and bulldozing my way to success. I have found a way to barter with local merchants to the point of me trading large amounts of produce and precious stones and quickly earning large amounts of gold. The gold allows me to buy huge fancy expensive weapons that can cut through magical armor of evil-doers very easily. I just bought a sword who's name escapes me at the moment, but Its something like 'Avo's Starscreamer'. Not to be confused with 'Avo's Tear', which is its younger brother. So by Saturday Afternoon I was able to expose the Mayor of Bowerstone as a fraud, set an innocent prisoner free, Defend the village of 'Knothole Glade', and buy two houses in different cities. Its quite an accomplishment.

On Saturday night I was out walking around town and I coincidentally ran into Cheryl. Neither of us were doing anything, so we decided to hang out. But we also hung out with some Married friends of ours. We went to one of the many Thai Food places on Westwood Blvd. for dinner. Later, we played board games with Steve and Britt late into the night. It was fun. One of the games was a 'boys vs. girls' game where it would test our knowledge of the opposite sex. Wow, there's a lot I don't know about both guys and girls stuff. Luckily I was partnered with Steve and he took care of answering most of the questions, as I just sat there looking pretty. But as soon as I get a free minute, I'm going to start brushing up on my sports trivia... (ya, right.)

Then on Sunday night we were able to talk Jeff into making Pineapple Upside-Down Cake. Wow, was it good. Good Job by Master Chef Jeff again. It was a lovely short evening, almost every single girl who came brought their knitting/crocheting/sewing gear with so It was like a girl party, but ESPN was on the TV so we got our testosterone fill from that, so it all balanced out.... for the most part. So the night was short (at Jeff's) because I had promised to pick Kristen up from the airport at 10:30. Then it was Southwest, so there was of course a delay. Then it is LAX, so there were naturally other delays. So I finally picked her up from the terminal by 12am. I was going to give her grief about it (just to be funny) but then I quickly remembered that I owed her numerous Airport favors, something like 20 trips to the airport or so, and a few of which were at painfully early hours, so I had no room to complain, so I did it happily with a smile on my face.

Lunch was sponsored by Jose Bernstein.

I'm listening to The Pointer Sisters right now.