Saturday, May 19, 2012

Baby Name Contest

Hello Family and Friends,

As you may have heard, that Cheryl girl and I decided to have a kid together. Cheryl is due at the end of September in case you hadn't heard, or had forgotten.
(disregard any reference to pets and focus on baby names.)

We would like your help in naming the baby. Just above you will find a link to a really cool website with hundreds of catagories of names from all over creation and history. Just click on any category to see the lists and lists of many wonderful naming possibilities. 

We are completely open to any genre (except for 'Funny names', 'Gambler names', historical vampire names, Gang names, and Names of breakfast cereals. [see link].)

After the baby comes then we will reveal the winner and you (the winner) will forever be known as _____'s favorite person.

Thank you for you help in this and Happy Hunting!

Jim, Cheryl, +1

p.s. we reserve the right to reject any and all suggestions and come up with one on our won, or piece suggested names together at our own discression. In that scenario, the person with the closest type name (region/genre/etc.) will be known as "pretty darn cool" to ______.

p.p.s. Hint: The winning name will be a girl name. 

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