Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wedding Day - aka Party of the Century

So I wake up, and immediately need pancakes. Jeff didn't have the 'ingredients' for the best mix ever, so I decided to run over to Pelham and get my mix. On the way there I ran into the girl who does my hair, so I decided to get her to fix my hair up; cause after all, I was on my way to the party of the century later on today.

So back to Veteran for Pancakes. I made some, which were most excellent, and then Jeff made some, which I didn't exactly try, but I can not vouch for their quality. I can say that they were thicker than I've ever seen before, and I really think he was going for some sort of record with their size, and thickness. It was so 'Odd' when they weren't done cooking when he wanted them to be. They were so thick that when he forked into one batter came oozing out of the center just like a jelly donut. It was pretty odd. But hey, I'm happy that he loved it. Joe and Tiffany came over too for breakfast.

A bit later my brother Joe decided that one shower wasn't enough on the day of a party, so he started harassing me about taking another one. I assured him that 1 was enough per day, but then Jeff and Josh decided to start harassing me. So I was pretty much forced into bathing again. Which was annoying. Especially cause Josh was itching to try out some of his Submission holds on me if I resisted any longer than I did.

Later that day Cheryl met up at the temple with a few friends. it was nice. We got 'hitched'.

When leaving the temple we were surprised to see all the people outside waiting for us. It was all our families, and many wonderful friends. It was nice to see them all together. There was even a lady there taking pictures of us. She did great. You can see her stuff at (She has some pictures of us up, and our pies!) After a short group photo session, our friends and families parted and went to finish setting up at the Stake Center. We then finished our 1-on-1 photo session with Ryel. She marched us all over the temple grounds. It was nice cause she allowed me some 'artistic expression' on some of the shots. It thus captured the essence of the photo shoot. When walking up the front stairs of the Temple, Cheryl accidentially tripped over her long flowing dress, and ripped some of the front flowing dress part, from the snug torso part. In a panic I was sent inside and I asked for safety pins. After a long wait, the guys there found 2 pins for me, so I raced back out to the photo shoot. We mended the dress as best we could given No supplies and little time. but we made due with covering the slight rip with a beautifully plump bouquet of flowers, or the long sassy brown sash. While on the lawn, many cars on the street would honk at us, acknowledging that we were indeed the coolest people ever. I wanted to show my thanks, so I would wave to everyone that would honk at us.

From there we drove right over to the Stake center to assist in what we could. Our photo shoot took longer than we exptected (partly due to dress-rippage), but when we got there, it looked spectacular. It was just like walking into... Disneyland; except no weirdo's, less Disney paraphinalia, and we wern't selling crap, and no rides; but there were still kids everywhere. In the last two hours our families and friends had worked their magic to fix everything up, and in working order too! The lights were glowing sublimly. The lanterns were also lit, which was an added bonus, cause we didn't think they worked. The tables were all set and adorned with the Damask runners that Cheryl had made, crowned with beautiful fluffy autumnn colored flower arrangements that Trisha had assembled. Right as you entered the courtyard, you would come across the Sign-In table, and the Pie Table. Both looked very attractive. At the sign in table there was a huge bowl of hershy's miniture chocolates, re-wrapped with our own design, names, and the date on it. They were there to 'tide' you over until you made it to the actual food tables. Then the photo book that we made was there, filled with all the wonderful pictures that Tiffany had taken from our Engagement Photo session. There was plenty of blank area for everyone to sign in, along with our Martha Stewart Scrapbooking Pens for people to write with. Across the way was the Pie table, with heaping mounds of Pies on it. Oh the smell was wonderful, and the look of it was fantastic! Everybody was impressed. From there you would enter the more open courtyard area. The corner of the courtyard acted as a pedistal to the rest of the courtyard, so that is where Cheryl and I stood to greet people. It was spacious enough to contain many people so it wasn't uncomfortable standing there greeting everyone who came to our party. As you entered, you enjoyed the field of decorated tables, along with the beautiful atmosphere. Off to the right, in the back, was the heaping tables of Food and punch and water(I spilled quite a bit of punch for some reason. It was a little to slippery for my fingers I guess). It was delicious, and plentifyl, and was prepaired by Trisha's friend Linda. (Danny at work verified that Linda is a great cook, and good at doing weddings, and brings plenty of food, and boy was he right.) And again in the middle of the food table was a mountainous explosion of flowers in an arrangement. I'm really glad that Cheryl and I took the time to sit and eat some of the wonderful food.

And of course in the background, with the combined efforts: Britt & Steve put together a wonderful music Play-list for the occasion, and Jeff supplied the sound system, speakers, cables and all that technical stuff. He had some pretty good equipment, and they all came through for us.

Flowers, of course, were done by none other than Trisha, and they were gorgeous. I want to first say that when we were talking about flowers weeks before Our Big Party, my only requirements for my flower on my suit, was that it had to me Manly, and it had to scream 'I am tough and I won't take your crap', and it also had to have a sensitive side so that when Cheryl looked at it, she would see the sensitivity and softness, and beauty of it. And i also told her that it couldn't be 'cute', by anyones standards. And she did a fine job. I don't remember what kind of flower it was, but it didn't seem traditional, it did seem manly, and it fulfilled my requirments! It was great. It did however take three women to pin it on me becuase it was so 'tough' (ha ha ha, yes that was a play on words.) All the tables were centered with wonderful blossoming center pieces that Trisha and her shop did. I hope that someone took lots of pictures of them cause they were fabulous, and I definitely want to see them again.

Thanks again to everyone to helped us in every whay with our Big Day.
And thanks for coming, if you were able to make it.

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