Thursday, September 11, 2008

1 month and counting!

Hello Friends. 1 Month till Jim's Big Day. My bags are [semi] packed, and I'm [almost] ready to go. The past few months have been pretty intense.

We found a cute little Palace over on Pelham. Its a 1 bedroom dream-shack, in a 10 unit building. The rest of our neighbors are Asian students, so its going to be nice and quiet around the Palace. Cheryl's all moved in, as she ditched her old place, and I'm beginning my Eastborne Exodus and trying to integrate My treasures where she'll let me:) We even went furniture shopping last weekend to round out the place, and to bring it up to a minimum cuteness level.

I put my design skills to use by designing the invitations 'packages'. It was just like being back in school for a few hours (which was enough). Our pictures are spectacular. My brother Joe and Tiffany came down last month to take our engagement pictures. It took a week to narrow the list down, then I sent our final 37 pics off for Post-production; again, thanks to my other brother Dave for that.

The Food has been taken care of. The Photos have been arranged. Now all we need to do is arrange the setting up and taking down.

This last week I've been suffering from a cold, which I so generously shared with Ms. Cheryl. (oops, sorry about that. )

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